Employment Benefits

Vacation Leave:
1 to 10 years of service - 120 hours per year
11 to 15 years of service - 144 hours per year
16 to 20 years of service - 168 hours per year
21 years of service and over - 192 hours per year

*These are based on full-time employment. Less than full-time is prorated.

Accrued vacation leave is usable after 6 months of employment.

Maximum of two times annual accrual in leave bank as of December 31st of each year.
Balance paid at 100% when you leave employment.

Sick Leave:
Full-time employees accrue 12 days of leave per year (3.69 hours per pay period), less than full-time is prorated. No maximum accumulation.
Accrued sick leave is usable after 3 months of employment.

Balance paid at 25% when you leave employment.

January 1st - New Years Day
Third Monday in January - Martin Luther King Day
Third Monday in February - President's Day
Last Monday in May - Memorial Day
July 4th - Independence Day
First Monday in September - Labor Day
Second Monday in October - Indigenous Peoples' Day
November 11th - Veteran's Day
Fourth Thursday in November - Thanksgiving Day
December 25th - Christmas Day
Every day in which a general election is held throughout the State of Montana

Any day declared a legal holiday by the Governor of Montana or the Mayor of Helena

Family and Medical Leave
Up to 12 work weeks of paid/unpaid leave during a calendar year period for eligible purposes.

Health Insurance
Medical, Dental, Vision, EAP and $25,000 Life Insurance coverage paid for the employee up to $768.94/month premium. Some employee premiums may be more or less than the $768.94 employer contribution cap. Any excess employer contribution may be used towards other insurance products or dependent coverage.

Currently the City offers 4 different Medical insurance plans with varying deductibles, coverage and premium costs. Medical, Dental and Vision for dependents is available at varying employee costs.

Other optional insurance items offered are:
Supplemental Life for employee, spouse and/or children; short and/or long term disability; accident and AFLAC products.

General Longevity:
After four years of service, full-time employees receive a yearly amount equal to $96.00 per year of service, payable in November of each year.

Fire Longevity:
After one year of service, Firefighters receive an amount equal to $12.00 per month, per years of service, payable with their bi-weekly pay.

125K Plan:
The City sponsored 125K plan allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to fund medical, dental, vision expenses and premiums as well as dependent care expenses.

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
The City and employee contributes toward the employee's retirement at the following rates:
General employees: 8.17% of salary employer paid; 7.90% of salary employee paid
Firefighters: 14.36% of salary employer paid; 10.7% of salary employee paid
Police Officers 14.41% of salary employer paid; 9% of salary employee paid

Social Security:
The City contributes 6.2% of salary. (firefighters and police officers do not pay towards Social Security)

Medicare Tax:
The City contributes 1.45% of salary.

Deferred Compensation:
Employees have the option of participating in the MPERA deferred compensation program administered by Great West.