The City of Helena’s goal is to attract and retain the most qualified individuals available. An open and competitive process is utilized for job openings. 

Selection Process Summary 

The process by which a typical employee is hired is as follows: A position opens either through turnover or the creation of a new position in the budget process and is posted to the City and Helena Job Service web sites and may be advertised in the Independent Record. Some positions may also be advertised statewide or nationally. Resumes and cover letters are encouraged as supplements to the application (sometimes required, see applicable recruitment notice). The applicants who apply for the position are initially screened by the Human Resource Division for minimum requirements before being given to an employee selection committee. The applicants who best fit the requirements of the position are interviewed and/or tested. The top 3 to 4 candidates are then given a final interview with the Human Resource Manager, Department Head and supervisor. In some cases the City Manager will participate in the final interview process. Applicants who are not chosen for an initial interview will receive notice by e-mail or postal mail. All others are notified by phone when the position is filled. Successful applicants in certain covered positions are also required to participate in the City's Drug & Alcohol Testing Program. 

If you reside outside of Montana and are selected for a final interview for a position that includes driving a City vehicle, you will be required to bring a current copy of your driving record with you. Click here to view the driving record policy.

Once an employee has been hired, he/she serves a 12-month probationary period. This allows the supervisor and department head the opportunity to evaluate the employee's performance and determine whether or not he/she will be a suitable employee of the City. 


The Human Resource Division and the employing department determine the qualifications required for a position. Each position may have its own unique requirements. Read the recruitment notice/position description carefully. Make sure you meet the published minimum requirements on the recruitment notice before applying. 

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