Sexual/Violent Offender Registry

The State of Montana requires all Sexual and Violent Offenders, as ordered by the courts, to register with the police department under whose jurisdiction they reside and/or work. Once an offender is officially residing or working within Lewis and Clark County, they must report to the police department within three (3) business days to register. During the registration process, the Helena Police Department is responsible for collecting the following from each registrant:

  • Personal information and description of physical identifiers

  • Photographs of the face and any scars, marks, or tattoos

  • A set of fingerprints

  • Registrant’s place of residence

  • Registrant’s place of employment

  • Registrant’s school enrollment information (if applicable)

  • A $15.00 enrollment fee

Montana Sexual & Violent Offender Information

If you have any questions concerning Sexual or Violent Offender Registration in Lewis and Clark County, please contact Support Services at (406) 447-8469.  Detective Officer Kent Anderson is responsible for maintenance of the program in Lewis and Clark County, and can be reached at (406) 457-8828.