Records Division

The Records Division is the central repository for all law enforcement reports and records generated by the Helena Police Department and Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office. These records are considered to be confidential. This department provides Customer service to the public in reference to alarm permits, dissemination of reports and local arrest record checks, registering of Sex and Violent offenders, and collection of fees for services and copies provided. Reports are disseminated per Support Service Division Board policies.

For a full back ground check the individual will need to contact the State of Montana, Records and Id Bureau at 406-444-3625.

 Alarm Permits - Information and form on obtaining an alarm permit

 Sexual/Violent Offender Registry - Information on registering or changing   your information on file

The Department of Homeland Security - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has asked the Helena Police Department to post a link to their Victim's Notification Program.  The following link allows victims and witnesses to go to an outside website for resources including notification of criminal alien's release from custody.  Click Here for a link to their website.


 Reports- Information on obtaining a report

For further information on getting a copy of a report, per SSD policy, please contact SSD at: (406)447-8469.