Violence Against Women

In 1997, the Helena Police Department received a grant through the Federal Government and the Montana Board of Crime Control to fund a detective to work specifically with family violence, sexual assault, and crimes against children that occur in their homes. Today the detective is tasked with investigating crimes against woman, crimes involving child sexual/physical abuse, sex based offenses, and ensures persons convicted of qualifying sexual and violent offenses are currently registered.The detective is a member of the Lewis and Clark Child Protective Team and Child Advocacy Center Multi-Disciplinary Team.

The detective works closely with the Friendship Center in Helena, which is a shelter for victims of domestic violence, and with the Lewis and Clark County Attorney's Office, in prosecution of the violent family crime offenders.

The detective also works with the Helena Relationship Violence Council in an effort to see that victims get the proper counseling and care. There is also follow-up to see that the offender is attending any court ordered violence counseling that he or she has been sentenced to attend.

The detective also provides family violence training and information to police officers and to the public. Also included in the detective's duties is the gathering of local family violence statistics, and research on violence in the Helena Community. The information gathered is compared to national family violence statistics.

The Current VAWA Detective assigned with the Helena Police Department is Detective Kent Anderson. Detective Anderson can be reached at 406-457-8828.

Sexual & Violent Offender Registry- State