Neighborhood Watch

How Neighborhood Watch works: 

You and your neighbors keep an eye on your neighborhood. When you see a crime or suspicious activity occur in your neighborhood. You immediately report what you have observed to the police. Police respond to your call and investigate or apprehend the criminal.

Neighborhood Watch can instill a greater sense of security, well-being, and reduce the fear of crime. Neighborhood Watch creates a great sense of community.

As a member of a Neighborhood Watch, you will learn how to recognize suspicious or criminal activities and how to report those incidents to the police. You will also learn how to make your community and family safer.
Neighborhood Watch reduces your. risk of being a crime victim. The risk is reduced because participants are taught how to take preventive measures.

Neighborhood Watch makes you better prepared to respond to suspicious activity. Neighborhood Watch provides greater access to criminal activity information.

Criminals know that if a neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch sign posted, then the neighborhood is not an easy target. The residents have taken the necessary steps to deter crime in their neighborhood and the criminal knows he is probably being observed.

Neighborhood Watch promotes community safety, one neighborhood at a time. It is neighbors looking out for neighbors, community members assisting police; and criminals staying away! For information on Neighborhood Watch, or to set up a community meeting, contact Lieutenant Cory Bailey at 447-8486 or cbailey(at) It is the root of crime prevention in your hometown!