The Criminal Investigations Division is composed of a Lieutenant, Detective Sergeant, Detective Corporal, a general investigations Detective, a white collar crime Detective, a Detective assigned to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) program, a civilian Evidence Technician and a part-time Evidence Clerk. 

The division is supervised by a Detective Sergeant who reports directly to the Lieutenant, who is the Division Commander. 

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for the in-depth investigation of financial crimes, crimes against property, crimes against persons, domestic violence, vice narcotics and special investigations, which have already been reported to the Patrol Division.  The division has a representative who is the police department’s coordinator to the Helena Area Crimestoppers Board and Helena’s Most Wanted program.  CID is also responsible for monitoring the pawnshops and what property is being pawned. Weapons sales and related violations are also monitored.  The Criminal Investigations Division also serves as liaison with the County Attorney's Office, FBI, Montana Department of Justice, and other outside agencies.  They also provide specialized training to the department and provide training and education programs to the general public and private sector.

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