Helena Police Department Police Applicant Information

All job postings will be posted on the City of Helena's website on the Human Resource Department's web page.

All candidates who wish to apply with our department must complete and pass a written exam and a physical fitness examination. The written exam requires a passing score of 70%. The physical fitness requirements are established through the Montana Law Enforcement Academy.  

You must pass both parts of this process, to include the written and physical fitness assessment to be considered eligible

Interview & Hiring Process

Interviews are a two part process. Once you have passed all of the above applications will be reviewed and a panel will be assembled for oral interviews. Depending on where you rank for oral interviews you may be asked to come back for a final interview. 

Once a final interview has been completed a hiring list is compiled and background investigations will be initiated. If candidates are successful in passing the background investigation, a Conditional Offer of Employment will be made, provided there are openings.

Upon acceptance of an officer position the candidate must perform and pass a medical physical, drug test, and psychological exam.

A Few Details About Us

Newly-hired officers must complete a 12-month probationary period. 

If not POST certified at the time of hire, officers must complete the 12-week Peace Officer Basic course at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and obtain POST Basic Certification.

Officers must also successfully complete a 14-week Field Training & Evaluation Program where they are trained and evaluated by veteran department Field Training Officers through field work and daily training and evaluation.

Work Conditions

Work Day: Patrol Officers are assigned to a 5-day on/3-day off shift rotation, working 9 hour shifts. Probationary officers may be assigned to any shift based on department needs and should expect to work all patrol shifts throughout their probationary period.

Shift Assignment: Officers are eligible to bid for a requested work shift after completion of their probationary period. Shift bids are for 6-month periods and are awarded based on seniority.

For further information on our hiring, application, or testing process please contact Lieutenant Brett Petty at 406-457-88830 or by email at bpetty(at)helenamt.gov.