Helena's Animal Control Officer is Mike Maynard, who is an employee of the Helena Police Department. Our Animal Control Officer handles animal calls within the city limits. For questions or concerns, please contact our dispatch center at 406-447-8461.

Animal Problems or Concerns

Citizens are encouraged to speak with their neighbors if they have concerns about the neighbor's animals, such as barking.  If the problem continues, you can call the Helena Police Department for assistance.  Vicious animals, animal bites and dogs at large should be reported immediately to the Helena Police Department.

Missing Animals

Impounded animals are transported to the Lewis and Clark Humane Society .  You may file a lost report with the Police Department and the Humane Society (442-1660).  Contact the Independent Record concerning a lost ad.

Impounded Animals

Owners may claim an impound animal after paying a $25.00 impound fee plus board fees.  You may also be responsible for any city code violations.


Animals at Large - All animals not confined within an enclosure or on the owner's property shall be kept on a leash not more than ten feet (10') long, securely restrained, or held so as to prevent the animal from running at large, with the following exception: All dogs must be kept under control, either on a leash or within sight and under voice control of their owners or other competent persons when they are within any "natural park" as defined in section 7-12-1of the city code and as designated by the city commission. Dogs must be kept on a leash within one hundred (100) yards of any trailhead in any natural park. 

Leash Ordinances Enforcement Areas

Removal of Excrement - Helena City Code 5-2-8 It is unlawful for any person in control of an animal to cause or permit such animal to be on any property, not owned or possessed by its owner, to fail to remove excrement left by such animal.

Rabies Vaccinations - Helena City Code 5-2-2 All dogs and cats, over 6 months of age, must be vaccinated with anti-rabies vaccine administered by a licensed veterinarian.

City Dog License - Helena City Code 5-2-3 No person shall own, keep, or harbor any dog within the city limits unless such dog is licensed with the city. Licenses are issued for one year beginning January 1 and shall be valid to, but not including, March 1 of the following year. The cost for unaltered dogs is $25.00 and altered dogs are $15.00. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required along with proof of spay or neuter. License may be purchased at the Humane Society or from the City of Helena.  A license may be obtained at the City/County Building located at 316 N Park Ave, Room 150, Phone 406-447-8450 or by email at citywater(at)helenamt.gov. Click here to download a dog license. The dog must, at all times, wear a choke chain, collar, or harness to which is attached it's license tag.

Kennel License - Helena City Code 5-2-6 Any person, persons, or family that keep, harbor, or maintain in or on the same premise three (3) or more dogs or cats, over 6 months of age, must obtain a kennel license. The cost is $50.00 per year.

Animal Bites - Helena City Code 5-2-9 Every animal which bites a person shall be promptly reported to the Helena Police Department. The animal shall be quarantined for a period of at least ten (10) days. All quarantine costs will be at the expense of the owner. It is unlawful for any person to fail or refuse to surrender any animal for quarantine.