The Helena Police Department was founded in 1881.  The birth of Helena as a community took place in 1864 when explorers discovered gold in Last Chance Gulch.  Starting out as a small mining town Helena was first recognized as the capital of the Montana Territory in 1875 and in 1894, five years after Montana became a state, Helena was officially designated the capital city.  The image on our patch is a representation of an early fire tower that over looks famous Last Chance Gulch and has been nicknamed the “Guardian of the Gulch”.  The “Guardian” is no longer in use, but still stands today as a reminder of our past and is the official symbol for the City of Helena.

HPD 1891

Front Row: W. Sims (Chief), S. Mickelson
Second Row: W. Bossler, M. Whitten, Q. Lawrence, C. Reiss, NP Walters, J. Gibson
Third Row: T. Finnegan, J. Flynn**, M. Quinten, W. Lloyd, W. Treacy, E. Wanesse
Fourth Row: J. Grogan, J. Beck, G. Baker, J. Callaghan, W. McKenzie, P. Scharrenbroich, W. Bushnell

**Officer John Flynn was shot and killed in the line of duty in 1894**

HPD 1900

Front Row: (Unknown), B. LaRue, J. Flannery (Chief), H.V. Salisbury, (Unknown)
Second Row: (Unknown), (Unknown), P. Scharnbrock, (Unknown), (Unknown)

Picture taken by Taylor Studios

HPD 1906

Front Row: B. McCann (Not Pictured), J. Barnes
Second Row: B. O'Connel, J. Cossette, B. Bossler, (Unknown), M. Brooks, B. Morgan, F. Gardner, E. Nordlie, F. Mundt, G. Farnum

Photo taken by Commercial Photo Shop: L.H. Jorud

HPD 1917

Front Row: J. King, T. Hames, Judge A.J. White, J. Spurzem (Chief), (Unknown), E. Brown, F. Gebhardt
Second Row: J. Spurzem, Jr., G. Millegan, (Unknown), (Unknown) T. Martin, C. Kniesse

Photo taken by Leslie Lyle


HPD 1936

Left to Right: R. Smith (Chief), E. Brown, F. Gebhart, I. Young, J. King, C. Kniesse, J. Hildenstab, AJ Roberts (Mayor), M. Foley, L. Kane, G. Milligan, T. Martin, J. Montgomery, G. Christenson, T. Hames

Photo taken by Commercial Photo Shop: L.H. Jorud

HPD 1941

Front Row: L. Graham, J. Hildenstab, I. Young, M. Foley, C. Kniesse, O. Kreig (Commissioner), J. Hayton (Mayor), N. Evans (Commissioner), L. Kane, J. King, G. Milligan
Second Row: E. Brown, G. Christinson, J. Fred, T. Hames, J. Corder, J. Montgomery, J. Williams, C. Burgess (Chief)

Picture taken by Commercial Photo Shop: L.H. Jorud

HPD 1941

Left to Right: J. Fred, J. Williams, T. Hames, G. Christenson, E. Brown, J. Montgomery, M. Foley, J. Hildenstab, I. Young, J. King, C. Kniesse, L. Kane, G. Milligan, L. Graham, A. Parsons (Chief)

Picture taken by Commercial Photo Shop: L.H. Jorud

HPD 1947

Front Row: O. Kreig (Commissioner), G. Christenson, L. Graham, G. Milligan, D. Raw, M. Foley, I. Young, J. Hildenstab, Unk. Ballard, A. Parsons (Chief)
Second Row: A. Bell, J. Williams, B. Lordemann, H. Rickman, (Unknown). F. Welliver, J. Montgomery, B. Tobin, J. Fred

Picture taken by Commercial Photo Shop: L.H. Jorud

HPD 1949

Front Row: H. Potter, H. Rosencrans, R. Wines, T. Finnigan (Mayor)
Second Row: I. Young, J. Montgomery, G. Christensen, J. Williams, B. Lordemann, J. Sutphen (Ward Ramsey), J. Wines, H. Rickman
Third Row: L. Graham, Roy Siefert, H. Fred, D. Raw, B. Tobin, P. Christensen, E. Porter, J. Fred, A. Bell, J. Nilan

Photo taken by DeWalt Studio

HPD 1965

Row 1: L. Graham, J. Williams, J. Fred (Chief), B. Lordemann, F. Welliver, D. Raw
Row 2: A. Bell, J. Wines, H. Welliver, H. Fred, E. Porter, R. Seiffert
Row 3: J. Williams, W. Goodale, T. Surman, A. Brockway, E. Laible, L. Sparing
Row 4: T. Durkee, W. Koepp, J. Crawford, A. Larson, KV Ingersoll (Judge), C. Roberts

Picture taken by Commercial Photo Shop: L.H. Jorud


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