Parking Ramp Information

The gates will operate 24/7. Rates will remain $0.75/hour with a maximum charge of $11.25 daily between 5am and 8pm Monday - Friday. Free parking is available between 8pm and 5am, all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The two locations participating are the Getchell Street parking garage and the Sixth Avenue parking garage. The Getchell garage has an additional pay lane installed to assist with heavy traffic events, on the top deck at the Getchell Street exit. Parking ticket stubs must be validated by a Cinemark employee for free movie parking in the Getchell garage.

To address safety and security issues as well as system inefficiencies, City of Helena Parking has installed a security video system.

Don’t forget to have your parking ticket (from the entrance gate) validated by a Cinemark employee for free parking when exiting the parking garage!

Auto pay instructions:
1. Insert ticket received at entrance gate
2. Insert payment using cash, coin, credit card or validated merchant ticket
3. Gate will open once payment is made

Lost ticket button must be used if entrance ticket is unavailable, daily maximum fee will be applied

Select intercom button for assistance!