Helena Parking Commission Board of Directors Meetings

The Helena Parking Commission Board of Directors meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the Chamber Building Conference Room, at 3225 N. Cruse Ave.

Parking Permits for Employees

If you park all day downtown more than two days a week, it is often more convenient and less expensive to buy a parking permit. Permits allow you to park all day in designated areas—lots, parking structures, or on-street. The HPC does not reserve parking spaces, but we do try to manage parking so that spaces are always available.

Goldie Coins: Save 20 Percent Every Day

Get your parking tokens -- Goldie Coins -- at the HPC office, 225 N. Cruse Avenue. They can save you money at parking meters and parking lot pay stations.

Purchase $8 in tokens to get $10 worth of parking.

Goldies are great for people who work part-time or odd hours.

Lot Box/Meter Problems

If you are experiencing any issues with lot boxes or meters, please call us at 447-8419.

Helena Parking Commission Boundaries