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08 29 2019 10:33 Age: 75 days
Category: Parks RFP-RFQ


KCAP property

The City of Helena ("City"), by this Request for Proposal ("RFP"), sets forth its intent to consider a proposal for the lease and/or sale of City-owned property. City invites developers, end-users and interested parties (collectively "Responder") to submit a plan to lease/or buy and develop City-owned property located at the northwest corner of Broadway Street and Cruse Avenue. Helena, MT., described in Section II of this Request for Proposals ("RFP"). The City's goals for this site include:

a) Downtown impact. The process will evaluate how the proponent maximizes the site's development potential in such a manner that it contributes to the vibrancy of the Downtown district with a well-designed development that brings people into the area

b) Housing. If the proposal includes housing, the proponent will be asked to include mixed-income housing with at least 25 % of the proposed units affordable to houses at or below 120 % of Area Median Income

c) Mixed-use. The process will also examine how the proponent maximizes retail/commercial space on the ground floor attracting unique retail or innovative purpose

d) Community benefit. The process will also evaluate creative offers of community benefits package and activities

e) Capacity. The process will seek evidence of capacity or proven record for implementing similar projects in other like cities/settings

f) Consistency with the goals and visions of the neighborhood plan