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03 19 2018 15:09 Age: 217 days
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By: Sarah

Housing Task Force - Survey for Public Input

The Tri-County Housing Task Force is asking community members to take an online Housing Needs Survey.

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From the media release dated March 16, 2018:

Our area is struggling with many housing issues. New housing construction in the Helena area is not keeping up with projected population growth. Vacancy rates are at record lows, resulting in rent increases. As a result, many renters cannot find an affordable place to live.

Take the survey, click here

Due to the lack of affordable housing in the Helena area, more households are commuting from Jefferson and Broadwater Counties and businesses are having trouble recruiting employees. Moreover, within Lewis and Clark County, the waiting list for subsidized housing is growing longer. These are just some of the issues facing our community and the Tri-County Housing Task Force needs your help.

The Tri-County Housing Task Force is asking community members to take an online Housing Needs Survey. The Housing Task Force is comprised of representatives from the City of Helena, Lewis and Clark County, Jefferson County, Broadwater County, Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc., United Way, Helena Building and Industry Association, Helena Association of Realtors, Helena Housing Authority, and Helena Chamber of Commerce.

The Task Force began work on a “Housing Needs Assessment” in January 2018 to document housing issues in the region and to identify strategies to meet future housing needs. The housing needs assessment will include information on housing costs, housing condition, socio-economic data, consumer demand, and housing supply. Additionally, the assessment will identify challenges and opportunities, identify future needs and include policy recommendations and strategies to meet these needs. In order for the needs assessment to reflect the community’s vision, public input is critical. “We want to hear from as many people in the community as possible,” said project manager Liz Mogstad.

Take the survey, click here

The survey is mobile-friendly and can be taken with a smart phone.   A print version of the survey is available at the following locations: City of Helena and Lewis and Clark County administrative offices, Helena Housing Authority, Helena Board of Realtors, county libraries, Broadwater and Jefferson county courthouses and Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc.

For more information contact:

Liz Mogstad, Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc. (406)457-7473 or
Laura Erikson, Lewis and Clark County (406)447-8383