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10 09 2018 10:14 Age: 251 days
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Contractors Needed: Non-Compliance Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal

downtown helena in the winter

The city is looking to hire a contractor or contractors for the 18-19 snow season to clear snow and/or ice from sidewalks for the enforcement of city’s sidewalk snow ordinance.  Compensation will be a flat rate per sidewalk square foot and additional cost for severe ice. Contractors will be required to document their work at each site and submit it to the city contact within a set period of time after work is completed.

In order to obtain a contract, a company must have a 1.5 million dollar liability insurance and proof of workers comp or an exemption.  If interested, and you do not have adequate coverage, the city may assist in covering the additional expense.  

For more information contact me at 406-447-8458 or by email at gdige(at)helenamt.gov .