Scouts BSA Day, February 8

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A City of Helena Proclamation. 

February marks the 110th anniversary of the Scouts BSA and the first anniversary since allowing girls to join the program. In celebration of these incredible milestones, Mayor Wilmot Collins declares Saturday, February 8, 2020, Boy Scouts of America Day!

A City of Helena Proclamation:

Whereas, Scouts BSA has been at the forefront of instilling timeless values in youth since its founding in 1910; and

Whereas, This national youth movement has made serving others through its values-based program its mission; and

Whereas, Scouts BSA is committed to helping youth succeed by providing the support, friendship and mentoring necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life; and

Whereas, the Montana Council of Scout BSA is celebrating its 110-year anniversary and its 1st anniversary since allowing girls to join the program; and 

Whereas, there are many local businesses and organizations that make Scouting available for youth members that use Scouting as a means of character building, citizenship training and outdoor adventure; therefore, be it

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that I, Wilmot Collins, Mayor of the City of Helena, Montana, declares February 8th, 2020, "Boy Scouts of America Day,"

and express the appreciation of our citizens to Boy Scouts of America for their interest in and dedication to our community's youth. 

Signed by Mayor Wilmot Collins.


Image of Mayor Collins and two Boy Scouts