City Commission - City Manager Priorities

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2020 and Ongoing.

On October 1, 2019, the City of Helena Commissioners reviewed the City Manager's performance plan, which outlined ongoing City priorities. At the February 5, 2020 Administrative Meeting, those goals were revisited by the City Commission to maintain progress. This document will continue to evolve as priorities are identified. Updates will be posted on

Click here for a PDF version of the City Commission - City Manager Goals. 


Administrative Meeting October 16, 2019 4:00 p.m.
Short Term Goals: July 2019 - January 2020 - 2nd 6 monthsDesired OutcomeExpected Delivery DatesCommission/CM Comments or Directive
Budget AmendmentsOngoingJanuary 2020City Manager & Finance ongoing
CCIP AdoptionMonthly presentations;
CCIP Integration Draft
December 2019CM & Chris Couey ongoing
CIP ReviewsOngoingN/AStarted; ongoing
Review Personnel Policies, Phase 1OngoingDecember 2019CM: 2 layers of review MMIA/ATTY;
adopt by December 2019
Mid Term Goals - July 2020Desired OutcomeExpected Delivery DateCommission/CM Comments or Directive
Decrease Civic Center SubsidyShow New RevenuesFebruary 2020-
Full Director StaffingGoal: Reach Full Director Staffing; include FY 2021July 2020Ongoing
Move Municipal Court & CC Staff to LJCFinish ImprovementsApril 2020Before Next FY
Parking RevenueProduce 6-Mos ReportFebruary 2020Mr. Couey will produce Financial Report
TIF CoordinatorEngage Partners on Conversation; RFPFebruary 2020CM: There are pending partners & entities; Comm O'Loughlin: Efficiencies in Depts
Long Term Goals - July 2020Desired OutcomeExpected Delivery DateCommission/CM Comments or Directive
Bond Counsel Options---
Budget Amendments (ongoing)--Ongoing; bring reports in 6 mos. increments
Build Grant--Schedule sessions on the agenda
Complete 406 Buildout--L&J: Build as needed on 1st floor
Cruse Ave Development--Vision: build a bigger economic strategy (Cruse/Land), Comm. O'Loughlin: map out the two projects; CM: Cruse will have Next Steps; hold people accountable.
Decrease Energy Costs by City--Comm. Haladay: We have capacity to build 2021; community partnerships; CM: we can set proposals as to how we want to succeed - who will be partners, etc.
Execute One Land Trust Project--Comm. Haladay: we are donating the land (decrease energy costs to City; join to Land Trust Project).
Land Trust Project--Vision: build a bigger economic strategy (Cruse/Land), Comm. Haladay: we are donating land (decrease energy costs to City; join to Land Trust Project). 
MTAC Railroad District/TIF--Commission: Vision is needed for this project; CM: Can put some process in place, similar to Land Trust Project.
Safe Routes Implementation:
Jefferson & Anderson
--Ongoing; 5 point intersection
Secure BNSF Centennial Trail--Commission: move forward; easements/exhibits
TIF Mall URD--Commission: Proceed; spend money in affordable housing; Comm. Noonan: Opportunity to zone.
Additional Comments: The Commission/City Manager comments and directives herein indicated are only a brief summary of the entire discussion. 
Graphic: City Commission, City Manager ongoing priorities.