Christmas Tree Disposal

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Learn how to dispose of your tree the right way!

As the holiday season comes to a close, the Public Works, Solid Waste Division provides the following tips to properly dispose of Christmas trees. Trees can be disposed of in two ways: through residential trash service or by residents self-hauling their trees.

Residential Trash Service: Christmas tree collection from City residents starts January 1 through mid-February. Please remove all lights and ornaments and place trees wherever your collection takes place; either in the alley or on the boulevard for collection. Staff is unable to collect from private property. Piling or placing trees at least three feet from trash receptacles is helpful, but do not place trees in containers. The Solid Waste Division “thanks” the public for their patience regarding Christmas tree collection!

Self-Hauling- Residents may self-haul their Christmas tree for disposal and there is no added cost to do so when the tree is the only item. Again, residents should ensure all lights and ornaments are removed from the tree as the machinery can only handle organic matter, such as branches and brush. The transfer station is located at 1975 North Benton Avenue (between Carroll College and the railroad tracks).

For questions or additional information, please contact Recycling Coordinator, Kim Carley, 447-8084.

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