Heat Wave Causing Shift in Construction Hours

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Residents may experience construction noise during early morning hours.

HELENA, Mont. – As the western United States endures a record setting heat wave, many City of Helena residents are experiencing an unexpected side effect – early morning construction noise.

Prolonged high temperatures are causing construction companies to shift hours to provide safer working conditions for their employees. As a result, more construction is occurring during early morning hours.

As construction continues into a summer that is expected to be hotter than normal, the City would like to make sure the community is aware that residential and commercial construction are subject to a chapter of the City Code that addresses Loud, Excessive Noises. Section 5-7-3 of the Code provides specific decibel levels that construction work should not exceed, as well as allowed time frames for noise levels.

Click Here to View City Code Section 5-7-3

City staff appreciates patience and understanding as the community navigates the summer construction season. Residents or Contractors that have questions can contact the City Community Development Department at 447-8490.

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