Mayor Collins Issues Statement

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The statement comes on the anniversary of George Floyd’s Death.

HELENA, Mont. - City of Helena Mayor, Wilmot Collins, has released the following statement marking the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

“One year following the tragic event of George Floyd’s death, I urge all Helena residents to take time today to reflect on the courageous fight for equitable justice for all, while acknowledging there is still much to do. The fight for racial equity and the universal application of our laws is at the bedrock of our democracy. I recognize the difficulty our law enforcement officers face every day while serving our community, and I support them in their efforts to protect and serve.  After working alongside our local officers, I know the overwhelming majority perform their jobs honorably, impartially, and with integrity. However, the trust between communities of color and law enforcement has been shaken by events across this country. For a justice system to be unfailing it must have faith from those enforcing our laws, as well as those relying on them to protect our rights and loved ones.  I look forward to the ongoing dialogue with our local law enforcement officers and local advocacy groups, as to how to continue improving the service to this Community and the fair application of our laws.”

Statement from Mayor Wilmot Collins