City Sustainability

In 2009, the City of Helena Commission adopted a Climate Action Plan to shape the City's sustainability efforts. The Climate Action Plan provided recommendations into four categories:

1. Implementation
2. Energy
3. Water
4. Transportation, Waste, Recycling, and Public-Private Partnership

The Climate Action Plan has inspired a long list of environmentally conscious initiatives throughout the City, including the creation of a Sustainability Coordinator position. Please contact the Sustainability Coordinator with any questions related to the City of Helena's sustainability efforts.

Contact :
Ed Coleman, Environmental Regulation Pre-Treatment Manager

Water Wise Helena

In 2021, the Citizen Conservation Board created the Water Wise Helena brochure; a practical guide to understanding water in the Helena area. The brochure includes tips to save on water, time and money.

Click Here to View the Water Wise Helena Brochure

Citizen Conservation Board

In 2017 the City of Helena established its Citizen Conservation Board. Today, the advisory board supports, recommends, reports on, and monitors sustainability measures undertaken by the City.