Housing Matters

For further information, please contact Ellie Ray, City of Helena Planner, at 406-447-8490 or by e-mailing eray@helenamt.gov.

Tri-County Housing Needs Assessment

In 2018, the Tri-County Housing Needs Assessment was completed, speaking to housing trends and needs for the wider Helena region, including Lewis and Clark, Jefferson, and Broadwater Counties. There were many key findings of this study, notably that there is extreme tightness in the housing market for housing at all levels of the market. Housing costs have increased substantially, in part as a reflection of the lack of requisite supply to meeting housing demand. Adding to this strain on the housing market is the fact that population growth has been steady, up 11.5% and 6.9% for Helena and Lewis and Clark County, respectively, between 2010 and 2017. Population projection models show this growth is anticipated to continue at similar levels in coming years.

  • A copy of the assessment is available here.
City of Helena Housing Strategy & Housing Task Force

Following the completion of the Housing Needs Assessment, City Staff in cooperation with the Housing Task Force, drafted a housing strategy to carry out the goals and actions from the Needs Assessment.  The Housing Task Force meets on a monthly basis to discuss and advise on housing related matters in the greater Helena Area with support from City Staff.  The Task Force is comprised of staff from adjacent county Planning Divisions, local non-profits (including Helena Housing Authority), and private sector stakeholders. 

Housing Navigation Services

The City of Helena and Lewis and Clark County established funding in the amount of $60,000 to fund Housing Navigation Services. Following a competitive procurement process, the City and County have selected Good Samaritan Industries and the United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area to connect residents experiencing difficulties securing housing for themselves or loved ones to available services and resources.