Strategic Responsibilities of the Individual Members

The Helena Fire Department is a living organization consisting of members who are committed to each other and the community they protect. As a member, I pledge to exhibit this commitment by:

  • Providing the best possible service to our customers.

  • Recognizing that, each member of the Helena Fire Department is important to the makeup of "who we are".

  • Being responsible for the welfare, development and support of the Helena Fire Department and its members.

  • Striving to live by our "guiding principles".

  • Managing change and striving to always improve.

  • Recognizing that being a member of the Helena Fire Department is more than a job. It includes commitment to other Department members (past and present), citizens and their visitors to our community.

  • Striving to leave the Helena Fire Department better than I found it (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)

2002 - Lieutenant Sean Logan

2004 - Firefighter Vince Williams

2005 - Battalion Chief Jim Skinner

2006 - Firefighter Cory O'Brian

2007 - Firefighter Jason Rigsby

2008 - Firefighter Mike Dillman

2009 - Firefighter Mike Kauzlarich

2010 - Firefighter Mike McDaniel

2011 - Firefighter Brandt Buresh

2012 - Firefighter Neil Koehler

2013 - Fire Marshal Craig Trapp

2014 - Firefighter Doug Fischer

2015 - Battalion Chief Kevin Kelly

2016 - Firefighter Dave Maslowski

2017 - Firefighter Rob Bennett

2018 - Firefighter David Gambill