Hazardous Materials Division

The City of Helena has many facilities using and producing hazardous materials. It also has all major modes of transportation by which hazardous materials are transported, including by airport, interstate highway traffic, railroad, and several miles of transportation routes within the City.

The Helena Fire Department, having the primary responsibility for response to hazardous materials incidents in the City of Helena, including the greater Helena area, prepares for responding to incidents of this nature by establishing a Hazardous Materials Response Team with all members trained to the “Technician” level meeting or exceeding OSHA’s training requirements.

The City of Helena Hazardous Materials Response Team became an integral part of the State of Montana’s hazardous materials response efforts. Through agreements, the City of Helena Hazardous Materials Response Team became one of six “regional” teams that provide hazardous materials emergency response to all counties in the State of Montana. The other regional teams across the state are located in: Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, Kalispell, and Missoula.

The State of Montana Legislature authorized funding to sustain the interoperability efforts of the six regional teams, coordinate response with entities outside their local government jurisdiction, and for the maintenance and update of assigned state equipment used in hazardous materials response. This funding is passed through the State of Montana Department of Military Affairs, Disaster and Emergency Services Division to each of the six teams.

The six regional teams have identical Hazardous Materials Response Trailers, equipment, and similar training. The regional teams hold regular meetings and conduct joint exercises.

The City of Helena Hazardous Materials Team proudly serves the citizens of Helena as “Guardians of the Gulch”.