The Community Facilities Department for the City of Helena oversees facility management and project management for all City owned structures, plus the City/County Building. The five Divisions of this Department include Helena Civic Center event management, Facility Management, Project Management, management of the City/County Administrative Building and oversight of the PEG Channel (HCTV)

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This Helena Civic Center is a well-known City landmark. The Civic Center is a rental facility consisting of a 15,000 sq ft Ballroom and a 2,000 seat Auditorium, where both local and out-of-town events are held.


The Community Facilities Department has oversight responsibility for all Helena Civic TV  City-owned Capital purchases and assists in facilitating the ability of Helena Cable Television (HCTV) to air City Commission meetings and other related City functions.

The City-County Administration Building houses the administrative offices of both the City of Helena and Lewis and Clark County.  This Division is responsible for the management, maintenance, repair and remodel of all the City and County offices located in the building.

Facilities Management Division is responsible for all inside and outside repair and maintenance of 11 City-owned buildings– including boiler/heating/air-conditioning systems, roofs, plumbing and electrical components.  Preventive maintenance is integral to the work of this division, as is the fiscal management and purchases for all projects.

Staff  – Community Facilities consists of fifteen full-time employees and one half-time Technical Director.  Civic Center staff operates from 340 Neill Avenue, Helena, MT 59601 while the City-County Administration Building staff is located at 316 N Park Avenue, Helena MT 59623.     

The Project Management Division  is charged with both project and fiscal management of new facility construction and the remodeling of existing City facilities.