The Community Facilities Department oversees facility management and maintenance as well as project management for all City owned structures.

Troy Sampson, Superintendent                   Bridget Johnston, Administrative Assistant III
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Northwestern Energy began replacing existing lighting district fixtures with new energy efficient LED fixtures, namely cobrahead fixtures in Helena as a pilot city. However, the fixtures do not meet the current City ordinance; therefore, Northwestern Energy is at a halt on the project for Helena. Below please find information regarding the current City of Helena ordinance, proposed fixtures and an explanation of BUG rating.

City Ordinance    BUG Rating    Fixture Specs     Lexington     Acorn  

Facilities Management

This division is responsible for all inside and outside repair and maintenance of City owned buildings including boiler/heating/air-conditioning systems, roofs, plumbing, electrical components and more.  Preventive maintenance is integral to the work of this division, as is the fiscal management and purchases for all projects. This division employees a full time maintenance tech and backup within the other divisions of the community facilities department.

Project Management

This division is charged with both project and fiscal management of new facility construction and the remodeling of existing City facilities. Some recent projects include the construction of Muni's Sports Grill, the purchase and remodel of the Parks Maintenance Building, the construction of Capital Transit Building and the remodel of the Law and Justice Center.

City-County Administration Building

This historic building houses the administrative offices of both the City of Helena and Lewis and Clark County. The Division is responsible for the management, maintenance, repair and remodel of the building, grounds and all the City and County offices located in the building. This division employs a building manager and full time maintenance staff.

Law & Justice Center

This historic building was jointly purchased by the County and the City in 2018 and remodeled to house the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office and the City of Helena Police Department. The division employees a manager and full time maintenance staff.

Department Staff

Community Facilities consists of thirteen full-time employees. Staff operates out of multiple locations which include the Civic Center, 340 Neill Avenue, Helena, MT 59601; the City-County Administration Building, 316 N Park Avenue, Helena MT 59623 and the Law and Justice Center, 406 Fuller Ave, Helena MT 59601.     

Helena Civic TV

The Community Facilities Department has oversight responsibility for all Helena Civic TV  City-owned Capital purchases and assists in facilitating the ability of Helena Cable Television (HCTV) to air City Commission meetings and other related City functions.