Commissioner Farris-Olsen

Commissioner Rob Farris-Olsen

Commissioner Rob Farris-Olsen grew up in Helena's south central neighborhood, right next to the trails heading up Mount Ascension. After graduating from Helena High, Rob attended Whitman College and majored in Environmental Studies-Chemistry. Rob was determined to return to Montana after college, so he attended Law School at the University of Montana and received his degree in 2011. After a brief stint in Billings he returned to Helena to clerk for the Honorable Justice Mike Wheat, and to be with his now wife, Erin.  Upon completing his clerkship, Rob worked for Montana Legal Services Association; where he assisted Montana's homeowners avoid wrongful foreclosures. He then moved to private practice at Morrison, Sherwood, Wilson, Deola PLLP where he continues to protect homeowners from wrongful foreclosures.

In his free time, Rob loves adventuring in the great outdoors and exploring the trout-waters surrounding Helena.