City of Helena Growth Policy Update 2019

The City of Helena, in its efforts to provide a more inclusive, dynamic and vibrant community, has chosen to undertake certain long-range planning activities including a Growth Policy update. This guiding document provides a road map for the management of growth within and adjacent to the city limits. The City hopes that this along with other adopted documents can provide residents, staff, and investors with the tools they need to better understand the city and how to best navigate the development process.

A Growth Policy in Montana must address certain criteria as set forth in the Montana Code Annotated. Among the criteria are topics such as housing needs, economic conditions, local services and public facilities. Additionally, in order to tailor the Growth Policy to local conditions, the jurisdiction can expand on the scope and cover more than the minimum required topics. The City of Helena has chosen to take this route by including an emphasis on affordable housing and multi-modal connectivity with strong implementation recommendations and an inclusive public engagement process.

We would like for you to be involved in the process by submitting a comment, attending a public meeting, or scheduling a meeting with staff to discuss your ideas.

To submit your general comments on the 2019 Growth Policy update, please complete and submit this form

If you would like to know more about the process or would like to become involved, please contact:

Michael McConnell – Planner II
City of Helena Community Development Department


Relevant Planning Documents: