City of Helena Growth Policy Update 2019

The City of Helena, in its efforts to provide a more inclusive, dynamic and vibrant community, has chosen to undertake certain long-range planning activities including a Growth Policy update. This guiding document provides a road map for the management of growth within and adjacent to the city limits. The City hopes that this along with other adopted documents can provide residents, staff, and investors with the tools they need to better understand the city and how to best navigate the development process.

Below you will find the latest draft of the Growth Policy. This is the version that will go to the Planning Board Public Hearing on Wednesday November 6th at 6pm in the Council Chambers. While staff and the Planning Board are still making minor changes this draft is substantially complete. Please feel free to download the PDF documents below and take a look.

If you have comments that you would like to relay to staff please either call (406-447-8492) or email mmcconnell(at)


Cover Page

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Population & Economy

Chapter 3: Land Use

Chapter 4: Housing

Chapter 5: Public Facilities & Services

Chapter 6: Transportation

Chapter 7: Natural Environment

Chapter 8: Community Culture & Design

Chapter 9: Coordination & Implementation

Chapter 10: Subdivision Review


Want to get More Involved?

Please take a moment to complete this 6-question mini poll so that we can include the results in our update. To submit your general comments on the 2019 Growth Policy update, please complete this form.

If you would like to attend a public hearing or discuss your ideas with staff, here are some upcoming events and opportunities to participate in the Growth Policy Update:

Wednesday, November 6th at 6pm: Planning Board Public Hearing

Monday, December 2nd at 6pm: City Commission Meeting (Tentative: Pending Planning Board Action)

Storefront Studio Event


Below are linked materials, including two workshop exercises and a photo archive, from a Storefront Studio participation event held by the City Planning Division on April 3rd-6th.

Activity Centers 123

Workshop #1: Groups 12345 

Workshop #2: Groups 1234

Graffiti Wall 12 

Scenario Boards/Comments 123

Development and Neighborhoods 12

Streets and Public Realm 12