2011 Draft Growth Policy Maps

Several new maps have been created for the Growth Policy update for incorporation into the document. 

Development Constraints

The development constraints map identifies issues within the City of Helena and up to approximately 4.5 miles from the city limits that can affect the location of land uses and the type of development standards that may be required.  This map shows the general locations of floodplains (blue color), liquefaction (areas prone extensive rolling moving like shaking jello during an earthquake due soil type) (brown color), and wildland-urban interface areas (red) that may be more susceptible to wildfire.

Existing Land Use

The land use map identifies current land uses within the City of Helena and up to approximately 4.5 miles from the city limits.  These land use designations include  agricultural/low density of less than 1 residential dwelling unit per 5 acres (light green color); rural density, 1-5 acres (yellow); urban density residential, less than 1 acre per residential dwelling (orange); commercial/industrial (red); public/government (blue); and recreation/open space/parks (dark green).

Future Land Use

The proposed future land use map identifies potential areas for commercial, industrial, open space, public, and mixed uses.  The proposed map also identifies areas for urban, suburban and rural development.  Refer to the Land Use chapter
for the Future Land Use Map – Categories and Characteristics and Mixed Use Areas descriptions for each of these categories.   

The Future Land Use map of the February 1, 2011 Draft City of Helena Growth Policy, as originally posted on this website, had some technical drafting errors.  This map has been corrected to more accurately reflect the narrative language contained in Chapter 10 and as proposed by the City Commission.  The corrected map is now contained on this website and  includes the following changes:

* "Mixed Use Area B" was extended eastward from Montana Avenue to I-15 instead of being shown as "Urban."

* Revised the "Public" land use designation boundary of the Helena Regional Airport to distinguish between the land use categories for "Public," "Industrial/Transportation" and "Mixed Use."

* Revised the area recently annexed by East Helena located east of the Helena Regional Airport as included in the "East Helena Growth Policy Boundary."

* Added previously-omitted parklands and open spaces.