What is annexation?

Annexation is a process through which individuals can bring unincorporated parcels of land into the city. The city of Helena may annex unincorporated parcels to provide for orderly growth, adequate provision of municipal services, and equal benefits to both the annexed territory and existing city properties.

What are the different methods of annexation?

The city of Helena may choose to annex any property in accordance with the provisions of the following state statutes: 

  • Annexation by Petition (76-2-4601 et. seq., MCA)

    A request to have property included in the Helena city limits in order to receive city services is also known as Annexation by Petition, the most common form of annexation.   In order to understand the requirements for annexation by petition, please refer to 6-5 of the Helena City Code, relating to the extension of the Water and Wastewater Service Area.  This action is often done in conjunction with the annexation of properties that are not receiving City water and/or wastewater services.

  • Annexations of Additions to Municipalities (76-2-4201 et. seq., MCA)

  • Annexation with the Provision of Services (76-2-4701 et. seq., MCA)

  • Annexations of Contiguous Land (76-2-4301 et. seq., MCA)

  • Annexations of Contiguous Government Land (76-2-4401 et. seq., MCA)

  • Annexations of Wholly Surrounded Land (76-2-4501 et. seq., MCA)

What are some conditions for annexation?

The city may decide to condition the approval of the annexation. In the case where the property to be annexed is not developed, the conditions of approval includes a requirement for a development agreement prior to the issuance of a building permit. In the event the property is developed and contains public improvements that are not constructed to city standards, the city requires an annexation agreement.  The agreement specifies which public improvements are to be upgraded and/or installed to city standards, and a time period and mechanism to finance the construction and installation of those improvements.  In any case, all public improvements, whether existing or proposed, must meet city standards.

All properties that are annexed into the City of Helena must have gone through the pre-zoning process. For more information about pre-zoning, please click on the following link: Zoning