Street Openings

Electronic Submittal Requirements

Street Opening Application
Excavations of Public Right-of-Way Title 7 Chapter 2
Clarification and Enforcement Memo

  • A approved and signed street opening application from the City of Helena, Engineering Department will be provided to the City of Helena, Building Division before permits can be issued.

  • The Excavator will need to purchase the street opening permit before any permits will be issued to the Licensed Plumber.

  • Street opening permits are purchased through the City of Helena, Building Division.  The permit cost is $70.00 per opening.

  • The applicant is responsible for the restoration of the surfaces according to the city street construction standards.

  • Any person wishing to open a city street or alley, must have on file at the City of Helena Building Division the required bond and insurance information, Title 7 Chapter 2, (7-2-3)

Water and Sewer Taps

Water and Sewer tapping permits can be purchased at the City of Helena, Building Division.  Permits can only be purchased by a Licensed Master Plumber with the State of Montana.

Sewer Tap(s)      $35.00 per tap

Water Tap(s)

3/4 to 1 inch         $90.00 per tap
1.5 to 2 inch       $174.50 per tap
4 to 8 inch          $290.75 per tap
10" and over      $349.00 per tap

Water and Sewer Inspection Fee's

Water and Sewer Inspection     $43.50
Sewer Inspection only               $35.00
Water Inspection only               $29.50