Rental Properties


Pursuant to city ordinance, all water bills must remain in the name of the owner of the property. However, if you wish to have your tenants pay their own water and sewer, you can sign a Rental Authorization Form, authorizing us to add the tenant’s name after yours for billing purposes:


John Doe (owner)
% Joe Snow (tenant)
Street Address
City, State Zip

To provide your tenants with accurate billing, it is important for you to call us at least two business days prior to either getting a new tenant or having a tenant move out. We can manually calculate their bill if you want them to pay immediately or we can bill them if you have a forwarding address. Please be aware that the owner is still responsible for the bill should the tenant skip out. The owner will receive a copy of any delinquent notices sent out and can also elect to receive duplicate copies of each monthly statement at no additional charge. The Rental Authorization form can be hand delivered, mailed or faxed to us. This cannot be completed over the phone. A new authorization form is required for each new tenant.


If the owner of the property asks that you pay the water bills, please request that they complete a Rental Authorization form which allows us to add your name to the bill. This is not something that you can take care of for them. You may request a meter read on the day you move in and out to ensure accurate billing.

Property Managers:

If you are hired to manage a rental property, the owner of the property must complete a Property Manager Authorization form. This form gives you permission to request address changes, inquire, make payments, and complete Rental Authorizations on the owner’s behalf.