Purchasing or Selling Commercial Property

Water and Wastewater Service:

Contact the Utility Customer Service office at 447-8450 at least two business days prior to taking legal possession. This allows our office to obtain a final reading from the water meter for the old owner, and start service for the new owner. The information that we require is the service address, seller’s name, buyer’s name and mailing address, date of closing, and title company handling the closing. Normally the title company will take care of this for you, but it is always wise to double check. Water bills stay attached to the property so in the event a bill remained unpaid; it would automatically transfer with the property to the new owner. Water and wastewater are billed based on your actual usage. If you have outside irrigation, you may want to consider having a deduct meter installed. This meter deducts the water that is used for irrigation purposes so that you are not paying sewer charges for water that did not go down the sewer.

Commercial Garbage Service:

The City of Helena offers commercial route pickup, roll off containers, and tipping options to local businesses. To start or cancel service, you must contact the transfer station directly at 447-8086. Garbage service does not follow from owner to owner. Owners must establish their own service. The charges for sanitation are billed through Utility Customer Services.