Automatic Payment Withdrawal

The City of Helena offers automatic payment withdrawal for its utility customers.  This program allows you the option of paying your monthly bill automatically through direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account.  This means no waiting in line, no postage costs, no checks to fill out, no driving, no worry when you’re gone, and no additional cost to you for this convenient service. 

You will still receive your normal monthly bill as you do now, but instead of sending in a payment, your bank account will be charged with the amount of the bill on the 20th of each month or closest business day if it falls on a weekend.  This will give you time to review your bill and make any necessary deposit before the payment is automatically deducted from your account.  The date of the withdrawal is shown on your monthly bill as the due date.

Customers must have all outstanding account balances paid in full before signing up for this service.  To initiate service, please complete an Automatic Payment Withdrawal form and return it along with a cancelled check or deposit slip (for savings accounts only).  Customers can cancel this service at any time.