City Boards & Committees

The City of Helena has established several advisory boards and committees. Information on individual boards and committees, current vacancies, and the application process can be found below.

Unless otherwise stated, you must be a City resident in order to participate on a City of Helena board or committee.

You may view a map of the City limits here.

Appointments to Boards and Committees

A vacancy, or expiring term, on any board or committee will be announced and public notice will be given of the vacancy. The media will be encouraged to make the vacancy known to the public and all interested citizens will be encouraged to submit applications on or before a specific date.

At a City Commission meeting the Mayor shall appoint, with the consent of the Commission, all members of board and committees.

In order to allow more citizens to have input on boards and committees, the Commission has set a policy that no individual shall serve on any board or committee more than six consecutive years or two terms, whichever is longer.

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Application Information

Interested applicants should reference the list of current vacancies for due dates.

Hard-copy application forms are available in the office of the City Clerk, Room 323, City-County Administration Building, 316 N. Park Avenue, or via

Current Vacancies

Current Vacancies

The City of Helena is currently accepting applications for the following positions. Individuals who have previously applied for any of the listed board vacancies are encouraged to reapply.

Citizen Conservation Board

The Citizens Conservation Board was created to recommend, report on, and monitor sustainability measures undertaken by the City of Helena.

• One citizen to serve as a Citizen-at-large. Terms are three years.

Downtown Urban Renewal District / Tax Increment Financing Advisory Board

The Board is tasked with completing annual work plans, reports, evaluations, and budgets and making recommendations for allocation of TIF funding and any future amendments to the Downtown Urban Renewal District Plan.

• One citizen to serve as a Resident within the Downtown Urban Renewal District.

• One citizen to serve as a Representative of Helena School District #1

• One citizen to serve as a Representative of an Historic Preservation Organization

• One citizen to serve as a Real Estate/Property Development Professional in the Urban Renewal District

• One citizen to serve as a Business/Property Owner within the Rodney Street Area

Golf Advisory Board

This board works with the Helena City Administration toward control, supervision, improving and maintaining the Bill Robert's Municipal Golf Course, and to promote cost effective and efficient management of the golf course; to offer a single, accessible forum for input from all golf course users; and to evaluate user input and provide a meaningful input to the City regarding the golf course operations.

• Two citizens to serve as board members. Terms are three years.

Helena Housing Authority

The Helena Housing Authority is a non-profit agency which works to provide safe and affordable housing and related services to eligible, low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled.

• One citizen to serve as a Helena Housing Authority Dwelling Resident. Interim term expires August 1, 2024.

Helena Public Art Committee

The Helena Public Art Committee’s purpose is to promote awareness and involvement in public art in Helena and to identify public art projects that enhance the image of our community and recommend such projects to the City Commission for consideration.

• One citizen to serve as a Member at Large. Interim Term expires December 31, 2023.

City-County Consolidated Planning Board

The Board performs planning functions for the City and County and is the sole Planning Board to serve either or both governmental entities. Duties of this Board are to ensure the promotion of public health, safety, morals, convenience, order, and general welfare, and for the sake of efficiency and economy in the process of community development, the Board will prepare a growth policy and serve in an advisory capacity to the local governing bodies establishing said Board.

• One citizen to serve as a City Appointee. Interim term expires 9/1/2024.

Planning Commission

SB382, also know as the Montana Land Use Planning Act, requires the City of Helena to create a Planning Commission, being a consolidation of all existing land use boards and commissions – Planning Board, Zoning Commission, and Board of Adjustment. The Planning Commission will be responsible for the recommendations of all legislative land use and planning decisions.

On October 30, 2023, the City Commission approved Resolution 20886 which designated the creation of the Planning Commission as a new City of Helena advisory entity. This entity will serve concurrent to the other Land Use Boards until the Planning Commission is re-created by Ordinance, tentatively scheduled for 2026. The City Commission will finalize membership and responsibilities of the Planning Commission as part of the Ordinance process. Those individuals appointed to the interim Planning Commission can be considered for the appointments to occur via Ordinance in 2026

• Three citizen to serve as Planning Commissioners. Term expires May 17, 2026.


Railroad TIF Advisory Board

The Board is tasked with completing annual work plans, reports, evaluations, and budgets and making recommendations for allocation of TIF funding.

• One citizen to serve as a Representative of a Business within the Railroad Urban Renewal District.

Zoning Commission

The Zoning Commission serves in an advisory role on matters relating to zoning both changes in code and by application.

• One citizen to serve as an Alternate Member. Interim term expires 9/1/2025.


Board & Committee Pages

Find information about meeting agendas and minutes, members, and more by visiting the following board and committee pages:


Other Boards & Committees

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