Consultant for Professional Audit Services - RFP

Request for Proposals

Consultant for Professional Audit Services

The City Commission of the City of Helena, Montana (City), the Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) Board of Directors, and the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) Board of Directors invite qualified independent licensed municipal auditors (hereinafter called Auditor) having sufficient governmental and auditing experience in performing an audit in accordance with the specifications outlined in this Request for Proposal (RFP) to submit a proposal.  The audits will encompass a financial and compliance examination of the City’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR).  The work will also encompass performing audit tests adequate to be able to provide opinions on the TBID and BID within the City’s ACFR opinion.  The reason for the RFP is our last 3-year agreement has expired and the City uses the RFP process to obtain the best service at a competitive cost for major service-type agreements.

Solicitation Schedule

Request for Proposals Released April 10, 2023
Questions concerning this RFP April 17, 2023
Answers to Significant questions April 24, 2023
Proposal Packets Due - Close date May 1, 2023
Service Provider Selection and Negotiation   May 8, 2023 - May 12, 2023
Agreement Approval June 12, 2023
Work to Begin June 30, 2023


Click here to view full RFP(PDF, 377KB)

Click here to view City of Helena's answers to questions from RFP respondents.(PDF, 170KB)