Important information about CRT TV's and CRT Monitors

Effective 10/01/2015

We will no longer be accepting the following FOR RECYCLING

  • CRT (tube style) TV's or Computer Monitors larger than 36 inches across
  • Console Televisions
  • Projection Televisions

These items must be thrown in the pit

Check here for examples of these items and a printable flyer

 All size Flat Screen TV's are accepted


E-Waste Recycling at The Transfer Station

Residential permits are required, the weight of E-Waste items will be deducted from the annual permit allowance.

Commercial customers, cash customers and out of area E-Waste recyclers will pay the current Transfer Station tipping fees on the weight brought in. Commercial customers and cash customers disposing of CRT TV's or monitors (must be less than 36 inches to be accepted) will pay an additional .35 cents per pound for disposal. 

E-Waste Recycling Containers are in the Recycling Area, just past the oil deposit.