Household Recycling at The Transfer Station

A permit or cash payment is required for all Recycling at the Transfer Station. For valid permit holders we must get inbound and outbound weights. The weight of recycling is not deducted from the permits allowance (E-waste weight IS deducted from the permit allowance) if the whole load is recycling. If the load is mixed with garbage and recycling and the permit holder does not want the weight of recycling to be weighed towards the allowance, two trips through the scale will be required.

Aluminum - Beverage cans, TV dinner trays, foil and good containers. All aluminum must be clean and dry. 

Corrugated Cardboard -  Remove packing and break boxes down flat. No lightweight cardboard or paperboard, please.

E-Waste Recycling -  Residential permits are required. For customers without a residential permit, E-Waste Recycling is a cash transaction. The weight of E-Waste items is deducted from the permit's allowance.  As of October 1st, 2015 the Transfer Station will no longer accept CRT computer monitors or CRT TV's larger than 36 inches, console televisions or projection televisions. These items must be thrown in the pit. Cash and Commercial Tipping customers will pay the current disposal fees for E-waste Recycling plus an additional 35¢ per pound for CRT monitors or CRT TV's.

Commercial customers and Out of Area E-Waste recyclers will pay the current Transfer Station rate on the weight brought in, as well as the item E-Waste charge on computer monitors and CRT TV's.

Magazines - Nothing thicker than a Reader's Digest (about ½" thick). No books or junk mail. 

Mixed Container Glass - Please do not put anything into the glass container except glass containers. (No plastic bags, six pack holders, etc.)  These items will contaminate the load.

Newsprint - Loose newsprint. Do not bundle. Inserts and advertisements do not need to be removed.  No plastic bags in with newspapers.

Office Paper - White or pastel office paper is accepted in the same bin as the newspaper and magazines, stapled paper is okay. Envelopes with windows are also accepted.

Plastics - The City of Helena accepts Type #1 Clear & Tinted Plastic Bottles, Type #1 Clear Trays (Fruit & Baked Goods Trays), Type #2 Natural Color Plastic (Opague, Translucent, Milk Jugs) Type #2 Solid Color Plastics (Laundry, Juice, Soap Bottles). Effective immediately Plastics # 1 and #2 will be mixed and can be thrown into the same container. As before we are only accepting Plastics #1 and #2. No BLACK #1 or #2 PLASTIC accepted !!

Steel Cans - Tin and steel food cans. Labels are okay. Please rinse well.

Recycling Automotive Wastes

Battery Receptacle
Battery Receptacle at the Transfer Station
Oil and Antifreeze Structure
Oil and Antifreeze Depository

Car Batteries - Please store in an upright position and place in designated container, in the Recycling are, next to the oil structure

Waste Oil - Accepted from residential users in quantities of 5 gallons or less per visit to the Transfer Station, pour oil in designated spot, or leave oil jug in marked area for attendant to empty.

Antifreeze - Accepted in quantities of 5 gallons or less. Do not mix with other liquids.

Curbside Recycling

Helena Recycling, LLC is a curbside recycling company that provides recycling pickup service for residential customers in the Helena area. For more information call 457-2437 or visit their website for more information.

Contact Information:

Kim Carley
Recycling Program Coordinator
City of Helena ~ 316 N. Park Ave. ~ Helena, MT 59623