Forms and Applications

Transfer Station Account Application

Transfer Station Accounts allow the customer to dump at the Transfer Station  with the convenience of monthly billing.  A ticket will be printed, must be signed, and a copy will be provided for the customer.

This is a commercial account; visit our permit page if you are a homeowner seeking a residential permit.

The City of Helena Roll-offs can only be delivered within the City Limits.

Please call us at 447-8082, option 3 if you are unsure of your location.

Project Roll-Off Account Application

This roll-off account is good for household clean-up or small projects. For more info on Project Roll-offs, click here.

C & D Roll-Off Account Application

This roll-off rental is designed for construction & demolition projects. Rental sizes are 20 yard, 30 yard, or 40 yard; $240.45 up to 5 tons. If needing a 10 yard rental - please fill our Project Roll-Off Application above. Rental period for the C&D Roll-off is 30 days; every time the container is dumped, the billing cycle begins again. Click here for more information. No household garbage is allowed in the C & D Roll-off.

Street Container Placement Form

This form is necessary if the roll-off will be placed on the street. There is a permit required for roll-off street placement in the BID district, downtown Helena.  Get the map for the BID district

Billing is sent out monthly for Transfer Station and Roll-off Accounts

The Billing cycle ends on the 25th of each month.  

For questions please call  447-8082 option 3.