If you have purchased an existing home in the city limits you should already have a garbage container.  It may be an individual 96 gallon container or a 300 gallon shared container in the alley.  If you do not have either of these containers please call 447-8086 to establish service.

If you are purchasing a new construction home within the city limits, please go to go the Finance/Utility Billing Department in the  City-County Building and pay a pro-rated solid waste assessment. City Finance will notify us when this has been done; at that time we will deliver a container.  You may also pick up your Transfer Station permit at this time

  • Residential customers need to have your 96 gallon garbage container rolled out to the curb by 7:00 am on your regularly scheduled pickup day. 
  • Alley containers are shared; if one is filled place your trash in the next container with space. Please do not pile trash around containers.
  • After your container has been dumped – please remove it from the curb. 
  • Please bag all trash prior to placement in container.
  • Please do not overfill your container.  (if the lid does not close easily – it’s too full).
  • Please do not put construction debris, branches, rocks, dirt or oversized items in the container.  If these items are placed in the container, the container will be stickered and will not be dumped until prohibited items have been removed.
  • Please keep container free of all obstructions (snow, vehicles, excess garbage, etc.)

Map of Residential Trash Collection in Helena

If you are a new resident or would like more information on your pickup day, call 447-8086.

View the Holiday Pick-up Schedule here.