Solid Waste Route Collection Drivers, Superintendent, Supervisor and New Fleet
New Frontload Trucks and SW Crew

Collection Services offered by The City of Helena Solid Waste Division

      The Solid Waste Division is equipped to meet all waste disposal needs.

  • Commercial service that includes 7 container sizes, with pick-up options 6 days a week. 
  • Roll-off dumpsters for construction or clean-up projects.
  • Residential trash pick-up for City of Helena residents.
  • Tramp Truck service for typical household trash that does not fit in your container.

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Commercial pick-up 6 days a week
Front load Garbage Truck
Demolition, construction & cleanup rental
Roll-off Truck
Residential pick-up within The City of Helena
Side Load Garbage Truck
Tramp-truck service
Rear Load Tramp Truck