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06 08 2019 08:12 Age: -353 days
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SURVEY: Input on the Future of Helena and Lewis & Clark County

The City of Helena in conjunction with Lewis and Clark County has commissioned a Parks and Recreation survey as part of an effort to better understand resident usage and needs for the park systems.  Community input is an important part of this process and helps the city to best tailor the plan to reflect the community and county residents’ desires and needs.

A random sampling of residents has been invited to take a survey, and these responses will provide statistically valid results.  In addition, the city invites all residents to provide feedback and input through an open-link survey that will go live on June 15, 2018 and ending on June 30, 2018. The general public who did not receive a mailed survey can participate on this day by visiting http://www.helenaparks.org/open.

The results of this survey will provide critical information in determining community values, satisfaction levels, needs and priorities, and demographics for the city/county’s long-term planning efforts.  Questions will be asked about what types of programs, facilities, and services residents want in their parks system and where priorities should be placed.

This project is led by GreenPlay, LLC, with survey and data work done by RRC Associates.  A total of 3,500 households will be mailed a postcard invitation to an online survey, and responses from these residents will comprise the statistically-valid sample.  The open-link survey will give all residents an opportunity to provide feedback, and their responses will be included in the final report.  While open-link results will be kept separate from the statistically valid responses, these responses will none-the-less provide valuable feedback for the City of Helena and Lewis & Clark County.