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07 18 2018 11:25 Age: 33 days
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Beattie Street Open House: Traffic Study Results and Revised Parking Alternative


The public is invited to attend an open house to discuss the results of the 2018 Beattie Street traffic study and City staff’s design recommendation for parking at the end of Beattie Street.   


  • Abelin Traffic Studies (ATS) conducted a speed and traffic study between Broadway Street and the south end of Beattie Street to determine if the posted speed limit is appropriate for the existing road conditions or if traffic calming measures are warranted on Beattie Street.
  • The observed traffic data indicates that the vehicle speeds along Beattie Street are fairly consistent.  There is little evidence that drivers on Beattie Street are exceeding the posted 25 MPH speed limit. The vast majority of drivers (over 99%) are traveling at less than 30 PHH and the average driver is traveling at 19 MPH.
  • Bicycle Speeds averaged 14 MPH uphill and 20 MPH downhill.
  • The percent of vehicles obeying the posted speed limit was 91%.
  • ATS concluded that there is no specific need to provide traffic calming measures within the area.
  • ATS also reviewed the parking utilization at the end of Beattie Street. Average parking utilization at the Beattie Street Trailhead was 3-4 vehicles with maximum utilization of 10-14 vehicles. During the study a maximum overflow of four vehicles were observed parking outside of the designated parking area.
  • The revised and proposed 20 spaces (2 ADA) lot design proposed for this location should be sufficient to meet the current and future parking demand for normal operating conditions.

To see the full traffic study report, the recommended revised alternative and the City’s traffic calming program, go to www.helenamt.gov/parks



In February 2018, city staff presented two alternatives for accommodating parking onto city open lands and out of the street right-of-way.

  • Based on public comment, a third alternative to accommodate parking along the adjacent streets was analyzed.  It was determined that limiting parking to on-street parking on Beattie and Iowa streets would not improve the situation. On street parking would still require vehicles to be parked in the right-of-way and would require additional vehicles to be parked in front of houses, than currently exists.
  • The revised and recommended alternative evolved from a reconfiguration of Alternative 1 for the purpose of reducing parking capacity.   A reduction in capacity was accomplished by eliminating parking spaces on the lower or easternmost tier of the parking area proposed for construction under the recommended alternative. Items remaining consistent between Alternative 1 and the recommended revised alternative include the geographic position, one way traffic flow, and angled parking.
  • All parking spaces, a restroom facility, kiosk, pet station, and picnic tables would be located on the upper or westernmost tier of the parking area presented within recommended alternative.
  • A graphic of the revised Alternative 1.