Helena Fire Department Growth Challenges

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The Helena Fire Department is a member of the Lewis and Clark Rural Fire Council and the Tri-County FireSafe Working Group

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We, the members of the Helena Fire Department,proudly continue our tradition as Guardians of the Gulch, by professionally providing a quality, effective, skillful, safe and caring service to protect our community whenever and wherever needed.

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Divisions of the Fire Department
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Learn about wildfire in the Helena area and how you can prepare for it

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Personnel & Apparatus
Get to know the Fire Department members that serve you every day

Unionville/Helena Firespread
Please view this presentation for important information about the fire danger in the South Hills of Helena.

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History of the Fire Department
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Employment Opportunities
If you are wondering how to apply for the Fire Department, read this information

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Safety Information
We offer many ways to make your home and family safer

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