Fiscal Year 2017 - City Budget

The Administrative Services Division works with each City of Helena department and the City Manager to create a preliminary budget, which is then presented to the City Commission for discussion and amendment. Public hearings are held on the annual budget, rates, assessments, and the tax levy. The Commission adopts a final budget in late June or early July, and adopts rates, assessments, and tax levies in late August.

There are two primary components in increases in fees for City services. Inflation is considered, as is the Comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CCIP). The CCIP provides for an inventory of the City's infrastructure (water, wastewater, solid waste, streets, parks & open lands, etc.), an assessment of the condition of infrastructure, identification of capital costs of the existing system, review of the current funding and future expectations, impacts of funding decisions, and the development of the City Commission's priorities.

Fiscal Year 2017 Approved Budget*

Slide presentation describing the proposed budget

*The approved budget, complete with approved rates and property tax levy amounts will be posted following final approval by the City Commission on August 22, 2016.

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